Benefits of Shade Structures

Besides the obvious cooling effects that shade provide in our sunny environment, the benefits of shade extend to personal health and well-being. People today spend more time in the sun! Shorter working hours, earlier retirement, a longer life span, lighter clothes, a waterside lifestyle and more sport and leisure pursuits all put people in the sun more often than ever. UV damage is cumulative! There’s no doubt that skin Cancer ‘catches up with you.’ The longer one lives, the more irreversible damage one suffers from the sun’s UV rays.

“Protection from the harmful effects of the sun must become normal community practice extending from the provision of shade structures by government and non-government bodies to community members selecting shade areas for outdoor activities.”*

*Queensland Skin Cancer Strategic Plan Outline 2002.

IMG_0286Protection from the sun’s harmful rays is especially important in specific settings:

  • Early Childhood ( Daycare, Pre-schools)
  • Elementary, Middle, High schools
  • Community/Recreational settings
  • Workplace

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