Compared to alternative shade structure material (e.g. canvas, metal roofing, tiles, shingles, F.C. etc), AZ Shade Design & Consulting specializes in the highest quality shade cloth fabrics which are:
  • porous, and hence reduce wind load factors
  • lightweight, and require less structural forms
  • considerably more aesthetically pleasing
  • more economical
  • available in a range of attractive colors
  • guaranteed by the manufacturers for up to 10 years
  • capable of providing higher UV protection ratings
  • all structures are custom designed
  • available for both residential and commercial
  • wind rated to 90 mph
  • professional installation

Specific materials include:

  • High quality materials from PolyFab
  • Sunbrella fabrics for awnings and some waterproof applications
  • Phifer or Textilene for screens and Roller Screens
  • Long-lasting TENARA® Thread